The first step for any SEO campaign is figuring out which words your desired audience is searching for. Just like there is no point fishing in a pond that doesn't have any fish in it, there is no reason to target keywords that don't apply to your business.

RankZen will help you identify which keywords are best for your business to feature and address. Get started today with the Keyword Zen Experience, and figure out which pond has the most fish.


Surprisingly, a high majority of keyword research and software tools curtail after "discovering" what targets are best for you. Any proper marketer will tell you it's not so much about where you are as it is about where you're going. RankZen's tracking tool will show you which keywords you're moving up for, which you're moving down for, and which are staying the same. This tracking technique is vital for any campaign that will be constantly, and effortlessly, changing.


Just as with the keyword tracking, an unbelievably high number of the leading market competitor software doesn't even offer detailed reports. RankZen understands the importance of thorough and comprehensive data, be it for you, your boss, your potential customers, business-partners, agencies, whomever.

With just the simple click of a button, RankZen will export a full easy-to-comprehend report going through all of the data on your campaign. This information will not only save you and your marketing staff time, it will help you discover which of your SEO-efforts were working, which keywords need more attention, and what missed opportunities you may have potentially failed to notice.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Historians believe it was Chinese General Sun-Tzu who first said "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." Whether you credit the historic Chinese military strategist, or prefer giving acknowledgement to Michael Corleone in the second Godfather movie, the truth of the saying in the world of business is undeniable. Keeping an eye on the doings of your competition can sometimes be the difference between flourishing and bankruptcy.

Being a RankZen Master and using the keyword tracking tool effectively will not only help your business enhance its own web presence, it'll help your business compete against the other companies in your industry. Simply by upgrading to the Basic or Pro plans, one will receive comparisons with competitors, effectively tracking not only your own progress, but the progress of your top rivals.

Like Michael Corleone said, It's not personal, it's strictly business. Get a competitive advantage over your competition with the RankZen Competitor Comparison option.