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Competitive Landscape Analysis

The RankZen advanced keyword tool will provide SEO information that shows not just where you're ranking, but how your competition is ranking for those very same keywords. Keep yourself ahead of the game with the RankZen PRO plan comparisons with competitors option.

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Save Money

RankZen allows users to track up to 40 keywords absolutely free, while all of our plans are month-to-month with no long term contracts.

Save Time

The first online keyword tool that allows you to identify, track, and report for both your own URL and the URL of your competition.

Discover Missed Opportunities

See which keywords you may have missed, and what targets your competition is going after.

Knowledge is Power

With RankZen you'll be able to see the fruits of your SEO-campaign's labor; what's working, what isn't, etc. Know which seeds still need to be watered.

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"RankZen is the most complete, and as a result the most important, keyword research and tracking software available online today. A must-use for any company looking to control or enhance their online web presence.",

Levi Halberstam

"I didn't think I was tech-savvy enough for a keyword tracking tool, but RankZen was easy to use and the research reports were incredibly detailed while also being easy to understand. And its free! Truly unbelievable, in the phenomenal kind of way.",

Moshe Kessler, ITP Voip